Friday, 22 January 2016


Trudging I was a dreary lonely path
Unaware I was of the colours of life
Stranger I was to the world of love and bliss
Perchance I was waiting for a miracle.

Beckoned I was by a light on the horizon
Carried I was by hope in heart and feet
Amazed I was it wasn’t just any light
Definite I was it wasn’t the sun or the moon.

Accosted I was by your countenance shining
Bedazzled I was by the innocence smiling
Jubilant I was on realisation on me dawning
Ecstatic I was I found my miracle at last.

Joyous I was walking life alongside you
Insatiable I was by all our marital bliss
Ignorant I was all good things would cease
Stunned I was when you abruptly departed.

Thinking I was your picture never did justice
Shocked I was that pictures are all left of you
Alive I was when you were beside me
Hereafter I am…just…am.