Saturday, 18 March 2017


Dearest Swarna,

Emptiness within, emptiness without, I am unable to believe that a person so diminutive in size could have filled a life so huge. Your departure has taken away everything that is mine, for all I had was you and the rest was incidental to having you in my life.

Now, you have left and left everything that was yours, including me, to me. I have been telling you when you were alive that without you I am nothing. I am if you are. All your possessions, material and metaphysical, are mine to tend to, now. If you are watching over me from Heaven you will see I am struggling but doing a decent job of it – household, children, grandchildren – all except me. I am unable to cope with life without you. I have let go of your physical body to the embers of the pyre but I can never let go of your soul, your memories, your thoughts, and your moments. They are all I have now. I am the “prince” for all these inner riches. I am the “pauper” for missing their source.

My life, whatever is left of it, is a drag, a burden day after interminable day. I wait, dear, for that moment when my summonses arrive, so that I can unite with you once again. Until then au revoir, auf wiedersehen, so long, फ़िर मिलेंगे.



Wednesday, 8 March 2017


People, people everywhere
Nary a human in sight.
Politics, religion, racism all over
Fanaticism that’s not right.

I have but a small dream
Of people living without fear
In a world at peace with itself
A universal family, all are dear.

Without fear of offending
And fear of being offended
Every heart filled with love
Bereft of umbrage and hatred.

Cleanse religious, political jingoism
With perfume of tolerance ‘n’ love.
Be not a hawk, the bird of prey,
Be the symbol of peace, the dove.

Smear not sanguine, the heart
In blood of a single innocent.
Rescind lust for victory and power
Shun the fraud, for ‘tis transient.

Lead those on perdition’s path,
To manner humane and kind.
Turn bloodthirsty guns ‘n’ bullets
Into petals floatin’ in the wind.

Wipe the arrogance and hatred,
‘Tis grime of heart intolerant.
Preserve the treasure of flowers,
Let the heart shelter love vibrant.