Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Leave behind the long, continue in shorts…oops…short, I mean!

Having gained a semblance of confidence in writing in the short(er) format I moved on into fiction writing.

The title chosen by me was “Till Death Do Us Unite”. The phrase “Till Death Do Us Part” had always intrigued me. It is a vow, which a Christian couple takes at the time of wedding. It means that nothing other than one partner’s dying can end the marriage or separate them.

While the vow is for living married couple, my story has a twist, which is not revealed till the very end. It was all rather complicated in the beginning and I did not decide upon the title initially. Finally, what I wanted to convey through my story – i.e. the husband and wife are united by death – gave me the title!

To end my verbal diarrhea on a philosophical note, it is widely believed that, in every human, there is a soul (atma) that is imperishable and eternal. After a human dies, the soul dons another form and is reborn. Until such time, it lingers. So must be the case with the husband and wife of my story, right?

Follow the link given above to unravel the mystery of love-after death!


The next one was “Mission Accomplished (Over and Out).”

Well that is fodder for thought in my next post.

Auf wiedersehen.