Thursday, 31 May 2018


The waiting is over.
Here is a sneak peek.
An excerpt from new novel RACE WITH TERROR



He had no more than a few moments to act.

Her life depended on his reaction.

He did not hesitate.

He dived sideways like an accomplished soccer goalkeeper - arms and legs stretched fully, chest and torso to the front, and back towards her - oblivious to the danger, oblivious to the certain risk to his life and limb.

He had to protect her at any cost.

What happened next happened in seconds, literally.

He heard two sets of sounds that were so familiar to him – gunfire. They were so closely spaced that one was almost indistinguishable from the other.

First, the three shots that came from an automatic. The bullets pierced and lodged themselves in his stomach and upper abdomen while he was still airborne.

He landed heavily on the RCC dais on his right shoulder, instantly dislocating the ball-and-socket joint. The consequential pain was like the kiss of a maiden in comparison to the searing pain in the stomach.

Before falling unconscious, he heard the second set of gunfire. It was the combined rapid staccato of multiple AK-47s firing simultaneously.

He heard a whimper and a thud.

He smiled before slipping into a blissful and painless unconscious state.