Sunday, 3 June 2018


Fellow travellers, we have reached a station whose structure has not changed a bit over millennia - status of a girl/woman in our society.

Ram Mohan Roy, Jyotirao Phule came, strived, and departed.

Women’s lib – the phrase and the movement – came and went.

Women are making their presence felt outside their homes, too.

They are breaking the proverbial glass ceiling not only in the corporate world but also in other fields e.g. science, education, politics, and governments.

Does it mean that women have arrived? Have they really unshackled their personae?

The answer to one question settles the issue.

Has man whole-heartedly accepted the rise of modern woman in society? Has he ungrudgingly given her, her rightful status in society?

The answer is “No.”

What do I think? I think it will take centuries, if at all, for the male mindset to change.

Just observe the rise in the physical and verbal assaults on women the world over. The reason is, woman’s emancipation, her rise are still unacceptable to man. He is confused between what he is - a chauvinist - and what he wants to be - a liberal.

This cuts across boundaries of nations, religions, castes, and creeds and urban-rural divides.

I have a strong feeling for the topic, always had.


The present story, nay, a monologue, nay, a questionnaire posed to society, is narrated in the first person. Am I qualified to indulge in such an exercise? I do not know. Are my feelings and empathy not enough?

Anyhow, I wrote the story - i AM A GiRL - in December 2012 and posted on Yourstoryclub forum. I am surprised that the reader-count for this story is well over 16,000!

I come to an interesting anecdote in the form of a comment from a reader of the story. I shall keep the reader anonymous and reproduce here only the poignant feelings expressed by the reader.

“When i'm reading this i almost cried i feel your pain..
When God created you He is delighted, You are not an accident, it's not an accident that you are a girl, don't believe what lies all around you, its time for you to know the truth, and that truth is Jesus, if you think that God abandoned you no! He said in His word (I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, 'You are my servant'; I have chosen you and have not rejected you. -Isaiah 41:9) He chose you and you can do all things through Him something amazing, He is with you all the time, He is just waiting you to come to Him, you know God's feel your pain, it's hard i know, come to Him, try Jesus, He is your solution! He can heal you! Trust Him :')”

It is obvious that the reader mistook me for a girl and offered solace.


I had expressed an iota of doubt in the foregoing paragraphs.

“Am I qualified to indulge in such an exercise? I do not know, but why not? Are my strong feelings, my empathy not enough?”

Well, the reader’s comment answers my question, doesn’t it?

You can read the story at the following link:

Please, do read and post your comments.

See you soon at the next station.

Until then stay safe!