Sunday, 25 March 2018


I was there before you
I am there alongside you
I will be there after you.

I perish every moment
I rise very next moment
I flow eternally, too.

I am a flash for a smitten lover
I am an eon in a crisis tower
I love equal, am to none sour.

I am wasted by the lazy
I am utilised by the busy
I stay calm, never dizzy.

I do not return if I am gone
I still return in a new garb
I am an enigma to absorb.

I am at times tough on some
I am sometimes easy on some
I make variations, awesome.

I have a past and a future
I have no dimensions; yet
I am the fourth dimension.

I am measured in seconds
I am measured, too, in eons
I am bystander to man’s history.

I am adored in times that bubble
I am cursed in ages of trouble
I stand by whether tower or rubble.

I keep ticking, I am time.


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