Friday, 6 April 2018


You gave me the birth

You gave me the mirth
You gave me no dearth
Of cheer on this earth.

Family did tug me along,
To everyone I did belong,
Enjoyed familial ties strong,
To me, life was on song.


You took away my father
But left me a caring mother
You took away my brother
But left me woes none other.

Then lightning cruel struck
My mother it did pluck
Dazed I was, in life’s muck
Unaware of riches in my luck.

In You, I lost implicit faith
Compensated losses thou saith
Given me a spouse, thou hath
Me, in her love, she did bathe.

Life was full, much to elate
Joy aplenty on its plate
Not a moment dull or sedate
Or a day that wasn’t great.

Life acquired a new meaning
It was a marathon of dreaming
Everything glossy and gleaming
From it, there was no weaning.

And then…

Dawned on me life’s reality
Ill health took her casualty
The reason was her frailty
Could not fight the actuality.

Nature’s writ final, they say
That no court could stay
Struggled to keep it at bay
Failed badly, to my dismay.

Sent myriad prayers unto thee
Life turned an incessant plea
Gone was mirth, gone was glee
Oh God! When’ll you set us free?

Fell on deaf ears, my entreaty
Before the Court of Almighty
You took from me, my sweetie,
Losing Faith, I turned to impiety.

Stared catastrophe head on
‘Morrow’ gone from lexicon
With life unable to carry on
For solace, progeny looks on.

And now…

Where will I find solace?
Anywhere in the cruel place
Life’s but an endless menace
Finding death is eternal chase.

Give me something to live for
And someone who’ll care for
Balm to soothe wounds galore
Having faith in You, a reason for.

Help me, merciful God Almighty
I don’t want to lose Faith in thee.